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Cobra Kids Club Cheshire

Belt Levels and Price

Dojo Rules
Belt Levels and Price

Gradings are for  only Licensed members between 4 and 5 monts if no missing class up the 6.kyu. After 6.kyu to 1.kyu is 6 monts between each belt levels , some students can take longer.Grading syllabus is only a guide to the tecniques we teach, that should be understood and demonstrated at each belt levels.There are many things that a student will be taught and that a student is expected to learn, such as etiquette and appropriate behavior inside and outside of the club. Warm - up tecniques, some basic Karate story knowledge plus language used in the lesson. I don`t expected to Master all of things for each graiding but everybody is expected to make an efford to learn them.
  Membership is free

Licence and Graiding Book    15 a year
(This cover personal insurance as well)
Graiding and Certificate is 20 each
Lesson    5 an hour
Association and Club Badges are 4 each



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