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Our Instructors have been through an enhanced disclosure with the Criminal Records Bureau and as been cleared to work with Children and Vulnerable Adults. They are also accredited St John Ambulance First Aiders.

CRB Reg num: 001199289121

st john Cer.num. OMAN086771

It is important that you are aware of the Qualities that ALL Martial ArtsInstruc tors should have. This is dealt with by way of what are known as "The 5 Documents". If an Instructor cannot produce ALL of these when asked then you should reconsider your options.
Some may not carry these all of the time, but should be able to produce them by the next lesson if requested to do so.

1. A Black Belt in grade and no less. This belt will be solid in colour throughout, black and red block (5th Dan), or white & red block (6th Dan) and awarded by a known and traceable source. They will usually be registered with a Martial Arts Group and be listed on a data base. If not ask for the contact details to allow you to check.
Evidence of training as an Instructor due to the fact that a Black Belt does not in any way constitute a qualification to teach. This training should include Health & Safety, Risk Assessments and Child Protection.
Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Enhanced Disclosure checked every 2 years to ensure suitability to teach Children. Please note Police Officers are exempt from this.
4. First Aid Certificate from a Health & Safety Executive (HSE) approved training provider such as St John, Red Cross etc...

5. Indemnity Insurance. The certificate should be the original from the Broker NOT one printed on a Martial Arts Group letter head, unless that Group is a registered Broker themselves.


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