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 Common Central Heating Problems – and how to fix them!

Most central heating problems are seasonal, especially in the autumn when the system has been “asleep” all summer and cooler weather prompts us to turn on our heating. (Ideally you should have had your heating on at regular intervals during the summer so the system continues to work efficiently.) Before winter sets in, you should ensure your heating system is working correctly.

Bleeding a radiator is the most common and effective way of rousing the beast. This simple process is a useful one to learn. Carrying it out may give your DIY confidence a boost and will improve your understanding of how your central heating system works. Don’t be scared to give it a go!

If you consider yourself a bit of a handyman, or are willing to have a go at fixing small problems without calling someone out then our DIY tips may be of use to you. Here are a few common problems you may have with your central heating system and how you might fix them.

Click any of the problems below and read our handy explanations and tips:

With all these little problems, as annoying as they are, don’t panic. Give these tips a try, but if you can’t solve the problem right away or you feel you’d rather leave it to the professionals do contact us. Explaining the basic steps you have already taken to rectify the situation will help them understand the problem better. You could even pick up tips by watching  us at work, so you will know what to do if it happens again. A good plumber shouldn’t mind!